The Ins and Outs of Owning A Boat Timeshare

Boating has quickly become one of the fastest growing pastimes as of recently. After all, there’s nothing quite like getting the family together for a little fishing, waterskiing, or just a relaxing ride on the water. The question really only comes down to whether or not owning a boat timeshare is right for you and your needs. If you’ve been lusting after a summer on the water without the commitment of actually buying a boat, then keep this helpful information in mind and find out if owning a boat timeshare is right for you and your needs.

How does it work?

A timeshare for a boat works much like a timeshare for a luxury condo. You’re basically paying for use of the boat during certain times and seasons without having to shell out your hard earned cash to purchase one. Similar to a yacht club in that you’re usually a member of a club, timeshares for boats are different because you don’t have to own your yacht.

Do I need insurance?

Typically the company that you purchase a boat timeshare from handles the insurance. If you’re unsure whether the company you’re looking at will handle the insurance, a simple check on their frequently asked questions page will give you the answer.

What else is included in my membership?

There are other great perks that come along with buying a timeshare. As already mentioned, use of the boat during time periods and insurance are included, but most people don’t realize that other perks can include the boat licensing, maintenance, and other great advantages. To see exactly what a company offers, simply check the website for a list of what’s included with purchase of a boat timeshare. If you can’t fin the information, call and ask.

When can I use the boat?

This depends on which company you’re purchasing from. Some of the really great ones actually allow you to use it as often as you’d like, granted that you reserve the boat at least an hour in advance. This information is also listed on the frequently asked questions page of the website. Just check for the information you need, and if you can’t locate that information, simply give the office a call.

Is it expensive?

The price of purchasing a boat timeshare varies from company to company. What most people tend to agree on when it comes to timeshares, however, is that it’s loads cheaper than buying a personal boat. When buying a personal boat you have to factor in costs like licensing, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, and any other fees that pop up here and there. When purchasing a timeshare for a boat, though, there are only membership fees to worry about and pay. For some people, the ease and convenience of a timeshare is worth the price of a fun day on the water.

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